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  • Each puppy is current on shots and deworming and is sold with a puppy starter pack, which includes Puppy Food, health records, our health guarantee, ... to give you and your puppy a great start.
  • Our dogs and puppies are in-home raised and are very well socialized, with daily handling and play time in the yard.  We do not dock our dog's tails.
  • Shipping:  We have chosen to not ship our puppies.  It is important to us that we meet our puppies' new family in person. 
  • Poodles and MaltiPoos are non-shedding and hypo-allergenic.
  • All our adults weigh between 5 lbs and 11 lbs. 
  • Our puppies are very smart, fun loving pets, who enjoy to run around  and play, just as much as sitting in your lap for some quiet time.  

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the traits of your MaltiPoos?
Talking to people who bought MaltiPoos from us in the past, it seems that most of our puppies are very intelligent (from the Toy Poodle side), and at the same time very calm (from the Maltese side). MaltiPoos love to be active when they are outside or on the floor in the house, but if you pick them up or have them sit with you, like on the couch, they calm down almost immediately and sit quietly with you.  The MaltiPoos calmness also usually translates into less barking.  The majority of our MaltiPoo puppies have the softer hair from the Maltese with some waves, instead of the tight curls from the Toy Poodles.  You can read about the traits of the Toy Poodles and Maltese under the tab "Breed Descriptions" on our website.  We obviously hope that each of our MaltiPoo puppies inherits the best traits from both parents,  but nature being nature, we can not guarantee it.

Are all your MaltiPoo puppies first generation MaltiPoos?
Yes, all our parents are purebred Toy Poodles or purebred Maltese.

Do you have a waiting list?
We do not have a waiting list nor accept deposits before the puppies are born.  If we currently do not have a puppy available for you we will e-mail you when our next litter is born.

 Can we come and see the puppies?
Yes, please.  We really prefer to meet you and your family before finalizing the adoption, but if distance prohibits this, we should talk about the puppy's proposed living conditions.  -  Due to other obligations in our lives, we request  by appointment only.    Wednesday and Saturday afternoons are best for us.

How can I reserve a puppy?
If you would like put a deposit on one of our puppies, please e-mail (dallysdogs@gmail.com) or call (231-360-9022) us and let us know which puppy you would like and when you are planning to send the $100 deposit. At that point we will let you know if the puppy is available  and if so, we will hold the puppy for you for 5 days to allow your deposit, along with the Adoption Application to reach us in the mail. We will mark your puppy on our website with "Deposit Pending".  Once we receive your deposit and Adoption Application, we will e-mail you and let you that we have received it and will mark your puppy on the website with "Deposit Received".

Where can I find the Adoption Application?
Please print the "Adoption Application" form from our website, fill it out and send it, along with your deposit to us.

For the deposit, who do I make the check out to and where do I mail it?
Please make your check out to "Dallys Dogs" and mail it to:    P.O. Box 273,  Interlochen,  MI 49643

Do you accept PayPal?
Yes, we do accept  PayPal, but we prefer a personal check, certified check, or money order.  If you are planning to pay for your puppy in full by PayPal, we require that the PayPal payment be made a minimum of 7 days before you pick up your puppy.

Have you ever turned someone down from adopting a puppy?

What if I put a deposit on a puppy and when I come to pick my puppy up, I see a different puppy I would prefer?
We can apply your deposit to any "available" puppy.

Is the deposit refundable?
Sometimes.  If we do not approve you for adopting one of our puppies, we will refund you the deposit.  If we approved you and held the puppy for you, but you do not come and pick up the puppy within the stated time frame on the Adoption Application, we will not refund your deposit.

I live far away.  Will you deliver my puppy or will you meet me part way?

Will you send us updated pictures?
Yes, we usually take pictures of the puppies when they are a couple of days old, then after they open their eyes and begin to walk (about 4 weeks old) and again when the puppies are about 6-7 weeks old.

  *  Adoptable dates are tentative.  Some puppies need a little extra time with mom.  * Dogs who weigh up to 4 lbs as adults are considered Teacups.  Dogs who weigh between 4 and 6 lbs as adults are considered Tiny Toys and dogs who weigh between 6 and 11 lbs as adults are considered Toys.  For more details, please see our page with the Weight Chart.